At this stage we provide awards and grants in the following categories:

The recipients of the Student Financial Assistantships will be BNU students who are experiencing financial difficulties, have an overall ranking better than 60 percentile in all tests and exams in the most recent completed school year, are expected to achieve similar levels of accomplishment in the current school year and have satisfied other criteria established by the Board of Trustees.  We plan to award four Student Financial Assistantships each year, with each award being approximately $180. The Educational Society Exploration Grants will initially be awarded to BNU students or faculty to enable them to participate in educational exploration activities for the purpose of furthering their knowledge and understanding of the society and the Chinese culture.  The Foundation reserves the right to review the plans for such exploration activities.  We plan to make two Educational Society Exploration Grants each year, with each grant being approximately $500. A recipient of Special Hardship Assistance must be a student whose financial difficulty may jeopardize the continuation of his/her college education.  The Foundation will pay one-year’s tuition (approximately $700 at this time) for such a student.  We plan to help one student each year.  The priority of consideration will be given to BNU students.   We will vigorously verify the financial situation of the applicants. The Board of Trustees will form a Selection Committee for the purpose of identifying and evaluating candidates for the grants to be made by the Foundation.  The Selection Committee will identify candidates by soliciting recommendations from instructors and professors at BNU and other educational institutions and reviewing applications from students.  After identifying the candidates, the Selection Committee will submit their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for review and approval. Since the incorporation of the Foundation, in conjunction with China’s Xie Yu Education Fund, we have given eighteen individual awards and four group awards through four ceremonies.

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